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Stain Serenity


The lyrics to this song were written from a very dark place. A place of pain and helplessness, frustration and paralysis. A place arrived at by a transition through emotional and physical eruption brought on by being pushed past the previous limit of tolerance and perspective.  From that place, a transformation to a new perspective was necessary. A release from the weight and pressure of brought on by limited view.  And a permanent sign to remember the transformation forever, so that I would never return there again.


The essence of the meaning and inspiration behind Stain Serenity can begin with the word "catharsis".   Solitary meditation reaching to connect within to progress toward a new understanding. The scene and scenario brought on by an intrusive event, superseding all other focus of mind in pursuit of a solution, a new understanding.

Yet the state is not one of controlled exploration, but that of an alignment of emotional, physical and mental movement, pulling the entire being into a new place against the will of conscious, but understood and necessary in its natural transition. Focus brought on by natural and unified translation due to a significant event requiring immediate reconsideration of current perspective and then subsequent change.  A mental metamorphosis, a journey to a new place with no return to a previous state. And a clear sign left behind, coaxing the persistence of memory in this significant event.

In this state the self has become so filled up and weighted down by toxic influence and pressure that an immediate release and transformation is necessary. Previously paralyzed by inaction and tolerance, the final limit is reached, where natural and metaphysical forces take hold and move a stagnant state beyond its previous atrophied form.  A transition that spans and drives through the layers of being from abstract shadows of the subconscious through the emotional connection of body and soul, to the very skin that encompasses our physical form.  An act of alleviation in a desperate state of overflow.

Often we use and identify with symbols and signs to sustain recollection of important events, concepts or memories.  They are a prevalent and common concept throughout history. A tangible materialization distilled from vastly abstract and complex concepts, serving as a conduit to the similarly characterized expanses of our subconscious.  They help us remember something important on which we deem necessary to reflect upon as future unfolds and the color of our perception changes with time. These symbols and signs are often wrought in a medium that contains the attribute of permanence, such as iron and stone. In some cases and cultures even in markings of body and skin such as tattoos and body modification. All serving to retain the significance of an important thought and concept captured within the distilled and refined form of a symbol.


The imagery derived as the visual representation of this concept, notion and feeling can be initially described as recursive extroversion of the constructs of the mind's deepest architectures. This imagery materialized in the form of a deep and dark cave buried in obscurity, far from the common senses and recognition of our worlds familiarity.  The inner depth of the psyche as the cave  surrounds and represents the subconscious, the seat of our reflection.  The pool is the medium that lubricates the connection to the conscious Self, represented by the human figure, and the symbol and veins extruding outward are the bridge between all, connector of abstract conception and literal realization.  The synapse of percent ant translation to a new form and perspective.

A visual representation of the layers of the mind reaching and wrapping around and through itself, progressing to new balance between its own construction, extroverting the depths to surface and driving deep the literal forms of an experience into the reflective chasm of rumination and transformation.




Initial description and mood concept images

The tone of this song is strongly and very well described as that of catharsis.  Alone place of dark reflection and pain; unable to see a way out.

Setting a deep dark cave; organic “roots” or “veins” tying and connecting the physical being with the extroverted representation of the dark, reflective part of the mind (depicted here as a dark, damp cave) in which he is currently focused; as if tied down by the current juxtaposition of body and mind.

Figure in painful, almost genuflecting pose, crippled with weight of emotional state.  At same time in deep focus, differing to inner feeling (see sketch).

Symbol: A slightly flawed circle with jagged un-parallel lines underneath, placed just above the figure (see sketch)

Concept Sketches

Reference Images


Artwork Process

  • Red/warm color, lava inspired textures; Light and shadow play to reveal roots/veins all around the place.
  • Circle symbol as main light source (dusk time)
  • Color theme: yellow-green


  • Character seems to be energy-fueled, with burning light from inside, semi-transparent skin.
  • Light glowing fx from character (catharsis), very subtle
  • Dark cave with glossy details: stalagmites and stalactites, water reflects on the ground, water drops from stalactites,
  • Other details such as bushes, old/rotten trees, small spiders web… (just throwing ideas :)
  • Small pools / puddles with slight ripples in them.
  • veins/roots guiding to character.
  • Each stalagmite/stalactite in front of the crop will be textured, slightly blurred to emphasize field of depth
  • Character pose from image (to be taken)


Basically it's the same as v1 but there is different light source - from outside of the cave, with distant horizon view.