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Environmental Creativity

Mon, 02/10/2014 - 14:35 - by Socionic

How much does environment affect creativity?  How much does any context affect the production of creative ideas and ease of their creation?  I think almost all of us can relate to environment in the context of shifting the state of mind to prepare for use in a certain way.  Either to alter mood for creativity, or heighten focus for productivity in some way.  How much does that make a difference in results?  Is it ubiquitous, or does it work differently depending on the individual and their ability to project and focus?

Conjoined IV: A New Beginning - Gallery Review

Sun, 01/19/2014 - 17:03 - by Socionic

I've before mentioned our penchant and passion for the beauty and power lying in the depths of expression behind dark art.  To some this medium of macabre serves to suit only superficial shock, but to those that can connect and possess the vision to look deep within the inspiration behind such pieces, the boldness and beauty of dark exploration reveals its power and intellect.  The Conjoined series of art shows (curated by the talented Chet Zar) being one of the more complete and talented collectives of such found within Los Angeles, I was greatly excited to attend and discover what was in store.

In Memory of Rachel Devine

Sat, 01/04/2014 - 14:20 - by Socionic

Today I pay respect and say good bye to my close friend, Rachel Devine.  

She passed away this past Christmas which also happened to be her birthday.  She was far too young and vibrant with life to have left so early, and her presence is already dearly missed by the many whom she touched.

2013 Retrospective

Tue, 12/31/2013 - 15:40 - by Socionic

This time of year it is often appropriate, at least traditional, to look back and take stock of what has happened over the last year.  In Japanese culture there is a word, Kaizen ( ) which exemplifies a cultural method of continuous devotion to improvement by reflecting on and learning from past efforts.  It is often used in business and engineering processes in origin, but can be applied to all things including Self improvement and greater life wisdom.

"Identity" Makes Music Connection Magazine's Top Reviews of 2013

Tue, 12/31/2013 - 15:27 - by Socionic

Our album, "Identity" has been selected in the Top 25 New Music Critiques of 2013 by Music Connection Magazine.  The list is compiled by taking the top 25 new music reviews from all those submitted across the country throughout the year.  It is an incredible honor to recieve this recognition from such a respected industry publication.  Music Connection has been publishing industry news and advice for musicians since 1977, so it is truly inspiring and encouraging to be included in this list and the sentiment serves to further fuel our efforts and inspirations moving into a new year.

"Ignorant Idiot" Artwork Featured in Advanced Photoshop

Tue, 12/31/2013 - 15:03 - by Socionic

The song artwork for "Ignorant Idiot" from our album, "Identity" has been featured in Issue 116 of Advanced Photoshop Magazine!  It is the second feature that they have run for a piece from "Identity", with the artwork for "Epiphany" appearing in Issue 111.  Many thanks to Valp ( ) for his talents in executing our vision with the piece and for promoting the artwork. 

The issue is available for purchase here:

Anniversary of Future's Beginning

Tue, 08/13/2013 - 11:53 - by Socionic

So, here I stand, another year further experienced and a couple days past the marked representation of that fact, commonly referred to as the Anniversary of Birth. An integer incremented as I more forward in growth of mind and spirit, and death of body. It is a glaring and looming stigma that floats about and above the notion of what all that means in respect to our place and progression within this existence. Yet I've always felt I've been moving closer to where I need to be mentally and within my own spirit and skin. Not without struggle and challenge have I learned more and more to love myself and fully embrace the realization of who it is that I am destined to become. The pursuit of creative exploration being the conduit for that connection. Where society serves to vex and suffocate, the greater harmony in the world encourages and embraces growth far detached from trivial cycles on the march to an end, as we know it anyway.

While the masses mired in detraction instill notions of fear and stagnancy, those who share and believe in the pursuit continue to applaud movements in opposition of such traits. Upon reflection, the once illogical now rewards my efforts, growth, and burgeoning understanding of Self on this anniversary of its inception. I celebrate and share the notion, progression and exploration with those that follow and adhere to the same mantra. I move forward into another iteration excited by what new progress and wisdom lies before me, and invigorated by what these once infantile efforts have brought me thus far. Without detraction or doubt I delve again into the continuing search of my own peace and understanding, excited by what I will find, and fully open in reception to those I will meet and be inspired by along the way. I hope too that I can connect and inspire in return so that our symbiotic reflections of energy further enrich our unified path. Together we will ascend above the sea of stagnation and realize the true nature and potential of our consciousness of Self.

- Michael M.


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