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Orenda Rises Tour Review

After three weeks of living the pirate life on the road, traveling most of the way across the country and meeting all kinds of new friends, we are safely back at our homes in Los Angeles.  It is not without a touch of remorse that we settle back into our routine at home, whereas we were truly transformed and inspired by the experiences and memories created with the incredible people we met on the road as well as our pirate brothers in With Our Arms To The Sun.  With that new experience we are renewed in our efforts to continue to create and connect with those of like mind. 

We want to extend a special thank you to the guys in With Our Arms To The Sun for inviting us out with them, it was a truly transformative experience for which we are extremely grateful.  If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and listen to their music.

And yet another big thank you to Pelican for supporting us on this tour and providing us with cases to protect our equipment on the journey. Our lights and valuables would not have survived without their help. 




With the national tour behind us we now look to one of our biggest shows of the year at the Whisky A-GoGo on October 15th.  With Our Arms to The Sun will be joining us again at that show, so for those in LA who are looking for a truly inspiring night of music, make sure to come out to the Whisky on Saturday, October 15.  We hope to see you there and hope to meet all of you soon when we get a chance to go back out on the road.


Thank you again!