Identity | Socionic



It has been a long time coming, but the release of our album Identity is finally here.  As with the development and maturation of many things worth toiling over, the tenets of a rich essence take time to distill.  The preparation of these songs led us through explorations of layered composition, the nuances and complexities of production, and the depths of emotion that translated into the lyrics, sound and art contained within.  From that journey came this album, and we are proud to present it to you.

In many ways it is much more than merely a of collection of songs, aural compositions that describe abstract forms of emotion and thought, but a description of the various aspects of expression and exploration that compose the artistic forces behind it.  Identity isn’t just a new album; it’s an establishment of what this project is about.  A foundation from which to build.  A solidification of Identity.

Musically this album is the most satisfying thing we’ve ever created as artists.  It represents pain and growth, wisdom and humility, excitement and power, and dissension against forces that would seek to quell progression of our collective mind.

Visually, it will take you deep into our world and the inspiration behind the music and challenge the eye to connect with deeper forms of symbolism. This exploration began with the video Identity of Socionic, which represents an abstract journey on the path to vision and individuation (a deeper look into that imagery will be discussed later) and it continues with the exploration of the meaning behind these songs that collectively make up the personality Socionic. 

We have conceived and developed our interpretation of the visual form of each song and with the help of a talented artist, Valp, materialized the imagery into color and form.  There are five separate works, each representing the symbolism behind a song, which will manifest themselves into various forms of digital imagery, as well as physical items such as apparel. 

The most immediate forms that contains all the artwork will be the physical CD and digital album found on our site at on October 16th.  The CD contains a booklet with each artwork and accompanying lyrics and the with the digital album will come a pdf download containing high resolution images of the same.  The album will also be available digitally on Amazon and iTunes, but the full artwork will not be included from those locations. 

We encourage you to experience the audio and visual forms of each song at the same time.  View the artwork and read the lyrics while listening to the songs to explore the connections between and discover a deeper revelation into the symbolism and meaning behind each.  Absorb sound, sight and word to saturate the senses with the full spectrum of what we are trying to project, and from that experience, develop your own interpretation and connection.

Music and art can be many things, and can be taken with different meaning by those that receive and create it.  Music is a release, an escape, a consolation, and an empowering force that uplifts, inspires and changes perspective.  Art is an expression, a confession, and an exploration of oneself, others, and the world we together share.  To us it is also an abstract connection and communication between the physical which we experience and the infinite realm of the abstract mind from which we feel, draw inspiration and explore potential.  An embodiment of all things not yet understood and able to be communicated.  An ascension to higher levels of vision and a facilitation of hope and advancement of Self.

In a time where music is quickly and easily manufactured and distributed, expression and art are marginalized by commercialism, and attention is easily influenced by fast and fickle trends, we strive to be true to the vision of what music and art mean to us.  Remembering the inspirations that urged us to create in the first place and fueling ourselves with the promise of discovery and fulfillment that comes with the exploration of the unknown.

It took much exploration, experimentation and effort, but this release is an enormous step in the process of individuation for Socionic.  From here, with direction clearly defined, we can create, grow, express, discover and build more quickly upon this foundation.

We hope that you will join us in the journey, to participate and create, and let our expression be heard.