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'Epiphany' Limited Edition Tee Shirt Giveaway

'Epiphany' Tshirt Giveaway Instructions

Now that the ‘Epiphany’ Artwork Video is released, we want to see YOUR visual interpretation of the song.  Now that you've seen our version, but we want to give you the chance to express yourselves as well.  We will be giving away a FREE limited edition t-shirt to fans who create a video slide show and get 10 of their friends to give it a ThumbsUP!!    

The limited edition tshirt was created by Jill Colbert of Manfish Inc who originally created a similar piece from inspiration of the song ‘Epiphany’.  Now, by showing us your interpretation, you could win the free limited edition shirt for yourself.  The contest has a limited amount of shirts to give away, so be sure to make your video soon!  We're looking forward to seeing what everyone creates!

( Note: Shipping charges apply if outside the US )


Click here to begin - http://distrogr.am/?tnum=6800


Here’s what you have to earn your shirt:

  1. Create your Distrogram (Instructions below) - http://distrogr.am/?tnum=6800
  2. Distro (share) your Distrogram to your friends and show them what you’ve created and ask them to ThumbsUp your work
  3. When 10 friends have given your Distrogram a ThumbsUp you will get the shirt!

Distrogram Instructions

Get images from Instagram and Flickr and synch them to Epiphany.   In the search box enter:

  • a word, to search Instagram for images with that hash tag
  • ilikes to pull the Instagram images that you have Liked
  • a Flickr Photoset or Gallery URL (Explore Flickr Galleries) to pull those images
  • f# followed by a tag to search Flickr images e.g. f#surfing pulls images with the tag "surfing" from Flickr

You can set the order of the images any way you like and remove any images you don’t want.  When you’re ready click the Distro button to share your work with your friends asking them to give your Distrogram a ThumbsUp and if you get 10 ThumbsUps you get our Limited Edition shirt!