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Anniversary of Future's Beginning

So, here I stand, another year further experienced and a couple days past the marked representation of that fact, commonly referred to as the Anniversary of Birth.  An integer incremented as I more forward in growth of mind and spirit, and death of body.  It is a glaring and looming stigma that floats about and above the notion of what all that means in respect to our place and progression within this existence.  Yet I've always felt I've been moving closer to where I need to be mentally and within my own spirit and skin.  Not without struggle and challenge have I learned more and more to love myself and fully embrace the realization of who it is that I am destined to become.  The pursuit of creative exploration being the conduit for that connection.  Where society serves to vex and suffocate, the greater harmony in the world encourages and embraces growth far detached from trivial cycles on the march to an end, as we know it anyway. 

While the masses mired in detraction instill notions of fear and stagnancy, those who share and believe in the pursuit continue to applaud movements in opposition of such traits.  Upon reflection, the once illogical now rewards my efforts, growth, and burgeoning understanding of Self on this anniversary of its inception.  I celebrate and share the notion, progression and exploration with those that follow and adhere to the same mantra.  I move forward into another iteration excited by what new progress and wisdom lies before me, and invigorated by what these once infantile efforts have brought me thus far.  Without detraction or doubt I delve again into the continuing search of my own peace and understanding, excited by what I will find, and fully open in reception to those I will meet and be inspired by along the way.  I hope too that I can connect and inspire in return so that our symbiotic reflections of energy further enrich our unified path.  Together we will ascend above the sea of stagnation and realize the true nature and potential of our consciousness of Self.

- Michael M.