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Reach Through Dark to Find The Light


The Sea of Humility

The dedication to following the ever expanding path of personal growth consistently brings one outside of the realm of comfortable understanding and across landscapes of the unknown.  That is in fact the essence of exploration, pushing known limits to discover the new horizons and fill open eyes with sights unseen, forever changing the perspective of your previous view.

It takes much time existing outside of the lap of comfort in order to advance along a path toward such an amorphous goal.  Seeing that coveted destination across a sea of discomfort and confusion, wishing there was a way around, it is easy to delay and become discouraged.  But the more you persist, and facets of exploration reveal themselves, it then becomes the centerpoint of the effort.  The journey and not the end.  There comes a point of acceptance and dedication to forward movement when you realize that you must simply dive in, and continue pushing forward and careening into the darkness.   

The once clear shore, now distant and blurred as the fear of drowning and losing direction sets in and becomes intimate reality.  It is so easy to turn back and forever abandon the notion, its existence and necessity so irrational.  It seems unfair and unnecessary, it seems like it all can be avoided, but in this moment holds the essence of the journey.  The epicenter, that if taken with bold approach, can bring you to new heights and worlds never before seen.

Swimming in a sea of humility, with the strength of heart and conviction fueling each stroke, you find the courage to keep afloat.

When you really want something and you know you have it within yourself, but you feel that you have reached the edge of every direction that could possibly be explored, it takes that new level of self reflection and humility to push yourself beyond previously known borders and realize new realms of possibility.  Within the pursuit of personal growth and boundless exploration, the rules that govern the world in which we exist are so much more ambiguous than our physical and literal world.  Logic, reason and rational do not apply in quite the same way as they might in the understanding of engineering, physics and observational science of all matter.  

That is the challenge.  That is the beauty.  That is the reward.

The creative and the Self are so subjective by nature, but yet so profoundly powerful and important in realizing new possibilities and heights of potential.  I suppose that is a big part of the difference; analysis of existing rules, systems and puzzles only takes the close examination and iteration of observable behaviour, whereas the abstract constructs of Self and our shared unconscious minds are yet so unknown and gloriously mysterious.

The pursuit of Self and the creative path is the most difficult endeavour I have undertaken in my life, and it continues on.  But the mantra of pushing and forcing the consideration of new perspectives, constantly throwing myself out of the zone of comfort and convention has taken me to places I would have never otherwise seen.

Swimming in the Sea of Humility, I will touch undiscovered shores, and in that journey, find my true Self.