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Reflection on The Origin of Identity Tour

The first  journey outside of Los Angeles as artists is now complete.  In only a short week of time our senses overflowed with rich new experiences and we were transformed by the immense fulfillment of communicating and connecting with new people through art.  From the beautiful geography of the North West to the eclectic character of each venue and city, to the bonds between people and other artists, it was an exhilarating new endeavor.  One that must we must do again soon.

Having previously only speculated on the excitement of such an experience, the realization exceeded expectation.  To be able to go out and directly deliver the fruits of our hard fought efforts greatly enhances the reward of the whole creative process.  The character of each venue presented the taste of new culture and style enhanced by the addition of new music and art offered up by the other bands that joined us.  Each night took on unique traits and characteristics of it's own, writing and inserting a new chapter in the story of our journey.   And traveling through the diverse and ominous geography between each stop was an experience unto itself.  The vast expanses, infinite skies and dark mystery of untouched forests and hills of the North West countryside provided a humbling reminder of just how little of this enormous world we know and how much more there is to discover. 

Along with all the many experiences gained, this trip helped us to truly realize the power and importance of direct connection through music and art.  The charge from being in the same room with like minded people, focused and feeding off the energy of creative confession and reception, is something that cannot be otherwise replicated.  The raw emotion, response, and engagement uninterrupted fill each room and iteration with communal connection. A temporary merging of collective conscious and experience leaving a lasting impression to linger in each of those present beyond the instance of physical sense.  In an ever changing world of music, art, and the growing ways in which we can experience it, there is truly none greater than the shared connection felt when surrounded by those with the same love and vigor for art and expression.  The conjured energy of all combining to create a moment and resonant impression that rings clearly into the future, far past the instant of inception, sinking deep and transforming the artist in each of us.

While out on the road, in between the absorption of those experiences and bellowing creative confessions, we were able to capture some video footage and pictures from the shows.  As we continue to re-acclimate, we are still gathering all the sources and organizing various media taken on the trip. From what we've seen so far there is definitely some quality footage from which we will make more cohesive live videos. We plan on posting these, as well as more photos, sometime in the near future, so be sure to keep an eye out.

We return from the tour with new wisdom and inspiration, and on that we want to build and advance further in our creative journey.  We are already overflowing ideas and excitement on how do it again, traveling to new geographies and connecting with new people.  We would like to make the next even more immersive and exciting by reaching out and involving friends and fans to aid in the process.  We'll need help and advice finding venues and similar bands in new cities with which to connect.  And as always, helping spreading the word about the band and our music enables us to create more and tour to more new cities.  Together, by connecting with each other and new like minded people, we can work to strengthen the scene of passionate, progressive and intelligent music and art.

With that, as we begin the process of formulating the next journey, we want to again encourage everyone to connect with and contact us to keep up with the latest updates on both tour and other news.  Join the newsletter to make sure you get the latest, and email us at with information or questions.  We'll be reaching out for more help in the near future.

We greatly look forward to doing it again and meeting everyone out on the road.