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Music Connection Magazine - Identity Review

We recently had the honor of having our album, 'Identity' reviewed in the February issue of Music Connection Magazine.  Published since 1977, Music Connection magazine is a monthly music trade publication catering to musicians, industry pro’s, and support services.  They provide a great resource for independent musicians and artists to connect with each other and grow their career.  Being long time subscribers and fans appreciative of the resources that they've provided for musicians like us, it's incredibly exciting to get the opportunity to be reviewed by their well respected staff.

Our singer, Michael, has been suscribing to the publication since moving to Los Angeles seven years ago, and it has been a helpful in the growth of Socionic. (As a side note, that anniversary is tomorrow 3/5, and we're celebrating at the 10 Years concert at the Key Club.  As a side side note, it will be one of the last shows at the Key Club before it closes on March 15th).  There were many issues read in eager anticipation of forming a band, recording an album, and playing the first show, long before the conception of the project as it is today.  As such, it is incredibly fulfilling to be acknowledged by them, and to be moving in the right direction.

Citing "Stellar performances, rich production and the ability to craft multi-level Tool-like tunes" we are extremely happy with their thoughts on the album.  Also stating that the songs would be a fit for any "sci-fi or horror soundtrack" and possess the "production finesse" that "fans can savor repeatedly for subtle touches and tones", it's a validating response from a respected industry publication, and what we hope is a vibrant forshadowing of future progress.  An indication of things to come...


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