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In Memory of Rachel Devine

Today I pay respect and say good bye to my close friend, Rachel Devine.  

She passed away this past Christmas which also happened to be her birthday.  She was far too young and vibrant with life to have left so early, and her presence is already dearly missed by the many whom she touched.

Thinking back on our friendship I realize that I spent more time hanging out with Rachel in the past year than any of my other friends.  We shared an avid love for music and art and she was always the first person I would go to when I wanted to go see live music.  She loved all the same music as I, from Hard Rock to Metal, Industrial to Progressive, Ambient and anything that exuded the passion and expression of art.  

She loved dark art and music.  She saw the beauty in raw and unfiltered confession and expression found in those mediums.  She was one of the few friends that I could count on to to go with me to the concerts and art shows that embodied those deep expressions.  She understood and connected with these as I did, and that made her friendship so unique and valued.  She was a person in whom I could confide and trust, and share vulnerable conflicts from the depths of a complex soul.

This is a new and difficult experience for me, losing someone close with whom you expected to share so many more memories and to be around forever.  It’s a haunting and vacant sentiment to come to that reality.  Through all the stages of dealing with tragedy, I am flooded with confusion and emotion.  Denial, anger, sorrow, regret.  I want to just text her or send a message asking if these vile rumors are true.  Chronicling and re-reading conversations that were only days before, I stare at the digital reflection and type the words:

“Are you ok?”


“What happened?”

“When will I see you again?”

“Why would you ever leave so soon?”

But I do not send them, only struggle to come to terms with a reality that seems so surreal.  

There are so few people so unique, so vibrant and in love with art and the compassion that comes with embracing and understanding the beauty behind darkness and confessional expressions of others.  Such unique people are a rare treasure in this predatory world, and the balance of it is tipped in the wrong direction with our loss.

The reflection on tragedy brings one to the realization and gratitude of the things that they do have.  And for all with which I am fortunately given, I will continue to honor, grow and share with others.  

We should all be grateful for the friends and family that we currently have and the ways in which they help and better us.  Show them love and appreciation, you might not know when they will be leaving.

Rachel leaves behind friends and family that loved and adored her.  But with them she also leaves her influence, and through that she will live on forever with the actions and expressions that she inspires.

Goodbye, my friend.  I will think of you every time I see a stage.  Forever missed, never forgotten...


- Michael


Some of concerts that we attended together over the past two years:

  • NIN @ Staples

  • Depeche Mode @ Staples

  • Aesthetic Perfection @ Complex

  • HIM @ Palladium

  • Volbeat @ Palladium

  • Megadeth @ Gibson

  • Motorhead @ Gibson

  • 10 Years @ The Key Club

  • Local shows @ The Roxy

  • Local shows @ The Troubadour

  • Stolen Babies @ Whiskey

  • Black Label Society @ SSMF

  • The Offspring @ SSMF

  • Marilyn Manson @ SSMF

  • Bad Religion @ SSMF

  • Linkin Park @ SSMF

  • Shows at Das Bunker

  • Kaura @ Bar Sinister

  • A Perfect Circle and Puscifer (were supposed to go together in May 2014)

  • Others I’m sure I missed...

  • … and many shows in support of us, Socionic