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The Live Performance Connection

There are many different ways in which to express creativity, emotion and art.  It is as an abstract communication that supersedes the limitations of language as we know it.  Equally, and perhaps even exponentially, there are many different ways to receive that connection and interpret the expression within the context of the moment.  That moment may vary and differ by physical location, mood, and those with whom we share the experience among a myriad of other possible contextual factors.  

Inherent is the beauty of subjective, abstract mediums of expression and translation, unlike other descriptions found in math, science or even more literal communication such as language, there are nearly infinite variations on how a feeling and experience may manifest in the mind and soul of an open individual.

One may see a digital image of a painting and construe a different message or feeling than if the same original piece was interpreted while standing in front of it in a museum.  A dialogue from a script might portray a different mood and meaning all together if heard at a theatre in contrast to through the speakers on your TV as you watched it in the form of a film.

The context of the connection can make all the difference in how art is interpreted and felt.  There is certainly no exception as pertaining to music.

Diving further, the experience of a live performance may completely change the meaning of a song with which you are already familiar, or perhaps that live experience is enhanced because of an already intimate knowledge and connection with the words and feeling delivered on a recorded track.  Compounded yet more by your perception of the beliefs, message and overall voice of the artists or band as a whole.

There is something to be said within the realm of music, with it being perhaps one of the most unique in this regard, about the creators delivering the expression that is a song directly to those within the same room.  Each performance being a different interpretation based on the feel of the room, the vibe of the crowd, and the meaning of the piece in the present time to the performer compared to the original inspiration that spurred the writing of it.  It is not difficult to see how every performance is completely different from the last or next.  There is great beauty and communal connection in that.

I am personally a great fan of live music and performance.  For as long as I can remember, since the first time I was old enough to enter a venue, I’ve always been drawn to it and addicted to the energy found within those dark rooms, beautiful halls, stadium ceilings and festival night skies.  Even within other genres or from bands who are yet perfecting their craft, there is such energy to be felt and experienced, something to be learned and discovered within every performance received.

A take on a story from a person, sharing a perspective of a feeling, with it all riding on the back of the boldness that it took to deliver that message to you.

In this new world of digital distribution, unlimited information and instantaneous connection, there is still nothing that can replace the experience of being at a live performance.  To be in a room with like minded people all energetically feeding off of each other and enhancing the experience of music, is truly a unique and moving event.  A communal experience resonating at the soul center of each being as they move in harmony with each other projecting and receiving in each moment of contemplation and inspiration.

It can change your mood, stir passion, motivate action, and alter your entire perspective.  

It can change your life.