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Identity Inspired Body Art


As mentioned before, we are fascinated and passionate about all forms and mediums of art as methods of expression and pathways to vain and understanding of the deeper and abstract layers of ourselves, others and the worlds we all share. As musicians primary art form is of sound, made up of rhythm, harmony, melody and words. Through the aid and vision of others, we have also foraged into visual, digital art and motion graphics, but there are many other avenues and forms through which to express.

Another such medium is that of makeup and performance art. Mo Meinhart ( ), a makeup artist and creature performer here in Los Angeles, recently created a character inspired by the lyrics and visual art from our album, "Identity".  She was kind enough to provide us with photos as well as answer some question about her process in creating the character.

As always we are greatly inspired ourselves by artists who create and express and who fuel each other creating and connecting a circle of creation and constructive energy, helping to sharpen the vision of each other through expressive perspective.  We encourage anyone who creates in any from, from paint to digital and motion, to music, prose and any other medium to share their creations with us, so that we all might inspire each other to new levels of exploration and vision.


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself, how did you get into creative makeup?

Makeup has always been my creative outlet. I recently moved from Florida to Los Angeles to learn more about prosthetics and special effects makeup by attending Cinema Makeup School. Creative options are endless in this form of makeup and I ended up falling in love with it, learning something new everyday.

2. What was the main inspiration for the this character?

The artwork that represents Socionic is incredible, It reminds me of a Dali painting in the sense that every time you look at it you discover something new, whether it a figure, symbol, or even an emotion. The lyrics "reach through the dark to find the light" and artwork from epiphany inspired this piece. I believe individuals go through a sort of metamorphosis throughout their life, shedding their past evolving into a new with a sense of enlightenment yet vulnerability.

3. What are some other ways that you draw inspiration for your creative work?

Like any artist inspiration can come from anywhere; an emotion, nature, history, fashion, architecture, textures...etc. In this piece I was exploring texture...
Lately I have been fascinated with organisms under a microscope, the beautiful patterns, shapes, textures and saturation of color is fascinating.

4. How was the application done for the body makeup?  Also, the logo symbol on the back is impressive, how was that applied?

Some of the best ideas and creations come from being resourceful.  First, I applied eye shadow to my eyes and airbrushed a gunmetal metallic color on my face, neck and shoulders. Using alcohol colors and a chip brush I spattered warm and cool tones to give the makeup depth and dimension. I enlarged the logo/symbol and printed it out using an ink jet printer, I then had an assistant transfer the logo on my back using acetone, this releases the ink from the paper and transfers it to the skin. Color touch-ups to the logo was made using eye shadow.
The cracked clay look is actually Kids Crayola Air-Dry White Clay...It's great for this kind of look because its non-toxic, very inexpensive and washes off with warm water even after its dry. Before application I mixed a 1 to 1 ratio of white clay and water to make a paste consistency. I then applied it with my hands covering specific areas. I am very flexible so for the back I loaded my hand up with clay stood looking in the mirror and reached my back placing the clay around the symbol. This is a messy effect but can produce great results.

5. The eyes do much to accentuate the feel of the character, how did you achieve that effect?

Contacts can help bring another level of life to a makeup. These are a pair of contacts that muddy the true color of your eye and also reflect a small amount of light when photographed giving the appearance of absence, lack of emotion or vulnerability.

6. In music we express with lyrics and sound, how do you use makeup to express yourself creatively?

By creating dimension using highlight and shadow, colors, design, & texture.

7. Thanks for your time and sharing this awesome artwork with us.  Do you have anything else in the works or coming up that we can look out for?

As of right now, a few of us are working on a Spider character for Comic-Con. We had presented this character at Monsterpolooza and it received such great feedback we were asked to represent Cinema Makeup School at Comic-Con with this creature. I am also a model and creature performer and I love bringing these creatures to life!! When you spend so much time creating and developing a creature you know how you would want the creature to act and behave.  After Comic-Con, Son of Monsterpolooza is coming up in October, I am brainstorming with a few concepts that I would love to present there.    


Mo Meinhart - Makeup Artist and Creature Performer 

Photographer - Ann Summa



Comic-Con Spider Character