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Fractal Friday

We have a strong appreciation and love for various mediums of art.  Apart from music, visual is a creative expression with which we resonate the most.  Like all forms of art, there are many ways in which to create and develop an idea.  It ranges from stream of consciousness execution to constructed and planned detail before a work is even started.  It is fascinating to explore and analyze all the different and infinite pathways to creation and art.  An interesting of these approaches, (which initially almost seems counter intuitive), is through mathematical formulae.

It is a musing for another time, but the synchronicity and insight into the fabric of our organic existence as described by mathematics and geometry is incredibly fascinating.  Infinite analogue variation that is seen within every organic thing can somehow be traced to a model and mathematical description.  The building blocks of every complex system posses definable and describable traits that are shared with those of another system.  A common example of this as pertains to fractals and sacred geometry is the growth of plants, and how they follow defining patterns, as seen here:



The dichotomy of organic and mathematic, the contrast of infinite variation and simple definition are an obsession.  Beautiful concepts in their seemingly polar existence, yet intimate relationships.

To show and share our appreciations of some of these concepts expressed through visual art, we’ve committed to publishing our favorite instances on a weekly basis with the #FractalFriday hashtag.  We think it’s a cool way to appreciate and explore visual artwork that embodies the fascinating fabric of fractals.  Many that we find are created by other talented artists and we will credit them in the posts so that you can explore more of their inspiring works.

So, keep an eye out every Friday for the latest in our discovery of Fractal Art.  Here are some of the best that we’ve seen so far: