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Reach Through Dark to Find The Light


Declaration of Self

In this life I will dedicate to progression and personal growth.  I will move through challenges and unexpected encounters with vigor and malleability.  I will transform conflict to knowledge and use it against those who emerge in opposition.   

I will approach interaction with others with open mind and compassion.  Approaching encounters as gifts, I will glean unseen perspective from another’s eyes.  Leaping from collective experience, I will vault into the sea of discovery far beyond the limits of one.

No two days will be the same.  In every moment I will find discovery and the opportunity for wisdom.  In every iteration I will find a new perspective and strive to dig deeper and deeper within to unearth the full potential of understanding.  Squeezing the essence out of every day’s offering, I will drink up the richness outpouring, and bathe in its depths.

I will become one all emotional and physical weakness inherent upon my inception.  I shall use the connection with the darker facets of my being to expand intuition, use the irrational to fuel perception, and yield to trust the pulses of the unconscious.  Learning to translate the ancient wisdom seeded within my primal being, I will transcend the limits of the meticulous conscious.  

I shall amass such experience empowered as if to move matter with my mind, and possess the understanding of legions.  I will, through continual progression and movement of thought, achieve wholeness and unity, and ascend beyond the reach of earthly forces.  

I will transcend beyond the limits of former perspective and rise to points of vantage allowing sight far, wide, and deep into the abstraction of a layered existence.  Wrought from the fires of discipline and self control, this vessel will ascend and leave behind the trite and trivial dregs of its former days and years.  

Until the last day I will always be moving, inward and outward.  

I shall become anew.  I shall become The Next.  I shall become that which was meant to be all along...  

I shall become my Self.



Image by Android Jones