Reach Through Dark to Find The Light



Looking forward benefits from the objective ability to reflect back.  As we are already underway with a new year, looking forward, as reflections of the last growing distant behind us, analysis of that view provides insight into where we are, and how close and how far from where we want to be.  Reflection and resolution are overly popular and overtly cliche around the beginning of a new year.  Often becoming a trend of faux intention glorified by the energy of the moment, quickly lost with habits retiring to the monotony of periods prior.  When viewed devoid of terrestrial and geological factors, a new year is merely the starting point of a natural cycle, to which our cultures and societies adhere, but is otherwise arbitrary in regard to linear progress.  That said, there is great significance in the inspirations behind the concept, hover fickle and popular this particular representation may be.

Much has happened in the last year for Socionic, and many lessons have been learned.  We've completed recording of our first set of songs in a professional studio with a talented producer, collaborated on visual artwork to further extend the world that we intend to create, booked shows and traveled on our first set of shows outside our home town on the Origin of Identity Tour.  We yelled atop the highest peaks of social cyberspace that we could reach to spread the word about our artistic efforts, did some interviews, received some reviews [ see link list below ] , created merchandise, and even attempted to fit some of the rest of our lives into the area between the cracks (which sometimes proves more difficult than expected).  In the last year, we've done much of what we believe it might take to create, grow and sustain an artistic life, all as an independent entity, without the support of a label or large investor.  Doing the full breadth of what it takes to succeed as an independent artist has been a challenge at times, but has allowed us to pursue our own pure vision, and from it, we have learned greatly.

Over the course of the last year we've encountered various people that affected this stretch of our creative journey.  Both teachers and takers, advocates and detractors, people whom with we've aligned and aided, and people who served to dampen the growth of our progressive selves, whether from outright intent or merely the short sightedness of self consumption.  As with all experiences in life while on sharing this world with those we encounter, we learn to recognize the difference between the types of people we meet along the way.  With experience and attentiveness, the qualities within others and our own selves become more clear, and the ability to navigate toward our goals becomes keener.  From that wisdom, we better learn to preserve the sanctity of self, for those whom which we love, and the causes, principles and aspirations for which we fight.

From the experiences of this past year, we hope to build upon the foundation of accomplishments completed, and wisdom earned to continue the path of creation and growth.  We hope to find even more advocates to enhance our vision, and we thank of all of your that have supported and inspired us to believe in ourselves as we continue pushing forward toward new horizons and artistic potential, realizing more than we could have ever dreamed.  As we move into the next cycle, the reflections of the completed past propel us all toward new horizons.

[ please enjoy our abstract interpretation of the concepts in this post displayed in the organic mathematical terms of a fractal  ]