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The Circle Connects / Manfish Inc's Epiphany

Everyone involved in this project has a great appreciation of visual art.  From paint to pencil, video to experimental mediums, much like music, visual art has tremendous power in translating and communicating emotion and abstract thought.  Form conjures explorations of the mind never before considered until suggested by colors on canvas.  In such a way, music and visual art go hand in hand and do well to complement each other as they expore the full spectrum of artistic expanse.

One of the more direct explorations of that connection between mediums can be found in the interpretation of one by the other.  Music interpreting visuals and visual art interpreting music.  This is something that we were inspired to captured through our collaboration with Valp on the Identity pieces, Each artwork corresponding to the interpretation of the respective song.  (There will be much more detailing this process and the meaning behind each in the future).  As we traversed down that path, we found that even after the completion, the writing and final recording of a song, we were now learning more about each that we hadn't realized before. The alternate perspective and collaboration with another artist of differing medium, shed a new light on the view of the songs and their meaning that wasn't before seen or understood.  It was a very inspiring realization and served to further solidify our belief in the power of perspective and depth of exploration through art.

The inspiration behind this post and the re-realization of concepts inherent came from a piece of art recently shared with us by Manfish Inc (Jill Colbert) .  She was inspired to translate her visual interpretation of our song 'Epiphany' through pen and ink.  The resulting imagery flows across the page traversing the journey of the song as witnessed through her mind's eye.  The elements on the page sit, balanced in the depths of the composition, each telling a chapter of the story that makes up the whole of the resulting composition.  Abstract form flows between personified figures creating a pseudo psychedelic picture of the phrases within the song. 

This depiction being the third view from which we have seen this song, ( the first it's writing, the second with Valp ) it is again apparent that there is more to be discovered that we have not before seen. In fact, we would have never seen the view that contains the form, color and meaning reflected in this piece if Jill would not have been inspired to show us through her interpretation.

Therein lies the infinite beauty and interconnectivity of our minds intertwined as we all experience and view a shared world through a differently tinted lens.  There is nothing that can be fully understood and seen clearly without the interpretation of others.  Only through that realization and acceptance can we aspire to extend vision and understanding far beyond limits previously conceded.

Take a deep look into the piece that has been created here, and reflect upon the inspirations that come into your mind from it.  Perhaps it will inspire you to create, and from there you will inspire another, as interpretations cascade inward and outward, until we all meet together where the circle connects. 


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