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Absent Affirmations

It is a common habit of humans to declare intention of a goal before any effort has been put into it.  Such declarations are often public and to an audience from which one can expect positive response and affirmation.  It seems this effort in itself is enough to trigger a response of accomplishment within the motivational centers of our brains.  Seemingly more often than not, these declarations are stated with true and honest intention, yet in strength and efficacy fall quickly by the wayside when it comes time to act and deliver.

It is an interesting and incredibly common ritual.  I can think of no better example of the widespread offense of this act than that of the New Year’s Resolution (most of which by this time of year are faded and forgotten), and the subsequent predictable future of such are a time honored tradition.  But the habit extends to any other phase of improvement and intention to rise from the rut of current monotony to the heights of entitled expectation, all the while balking at the true and obvious path to reaching such goals.  Lofty and optimistic plans of future intention, effort and improvement, all so clear in mind when discussing among friends and declaring to the universe.  

Perhaps that is why it has become such a tradition; everyone collectively partakes in the premature sense of accomplishment found within these public declarations, aiding each other in the deception.  They then return to their routines and silently dismiss them in collective solitude, each successive time knowing more that there would be no repercussion from prior affirmation accomplices.  

An interesting psychology to witness.  And I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t admit to falling subject to this procedure many times myself.  But within awareness and analysis I am attempting to identify and understand my own declarations and become more and more prone to delivering on them.  For that is the true fabrication of intention: realization.  Many a great idea has been born only to die along the path between intention and execution.  The Artist and Entrepreneur know, the meat is in the mettle.  

The impact of invention of born in its execution.  That is where we must live, acting and living out the intention on which we base and bet our entire future.  That future is now.

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